Pura (temple) Tanah Lot

https://www.lomography.it/magazine/326450-most-popular-phot… --- www.lomography.it/magazine/318191-trending-photos-of-januar… very low light a minute before sunset after heavy rain all day long at Pura Tanah Lot, Bali, Indonesia. If you came here at summer you can enter the cave inside of the rock I was stand. There is a holy snake there that they said could make your wish come true if you hold them and give some money to the guard. But as a moslem I didn't believe it.

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  1. morgana-le-fay
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    Epic sky!

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @morgana-le-fay the actual condition was very dark and couple minute before the sun was set and heavy rain all day long in Bali. Lucky me there was a little bit sunsshine there =) btw thanks for your like & comment, my friend

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    Thanks, Tasja @tasjarhodes ^0^

  5. _smg_
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    This is great!!

  6. hervinsyah
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    Many thanks, Shaun @_smg_ =)

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  8. hervinsyah
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    Danke @roadrunner1 hope my German is right =)

  9. streuobst
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    well done Sir, well done

  10. hervinsyah
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    Many thanks, sir @streuobst long time no see virtually =)

  11. hervinsyah
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    @locutus yes =)

  12. locutus
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    great light painting!!

  13. kritsalos
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    Very beautiful image!

  14. hervinsyah
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    Many thanks @kritsalos =)

  15. fraumuellerdenktnach
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    Wonderful! :)

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    Danke, Frau @fraumuellerdenktnach =) hope my German language is correct ^_^

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    Wonderful set and fantastic sky!!

  18. hervinsyah
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    Many thanks sir @herbert-4 =)