35 Reasons to love 35mm Film


Film truly is a Photographer’s best friend - And to prove it, here are 35 reasons to love 35mm film (or any kind of film for that matter!).

(1) It lasts – Love it or hate it, looking through your Gran’s photos from way back when is irrefutable proof of film’s durability.
(2) It’s spontaneous – Golden Rule Number 6. ‘Don’t Think (William Firebrace’)
(3) It’s reliable
(4) It’s classy. Nothing beats black and white film photography for the look of effortless cool.
(5) It’s traditional – Analogue is where it started and Analogue is where it’s at!
(6) It’s easy – Remember, ‘Point and shoot’ started with analogue!
(7) It’s tangible – The feel of that print in your hands. Hold it, touch it, you made that photo.
(8) It’s genuine
(9) Analogue photography is all about getting emotional and emulsional.

(10) 35mm Film gives vibrant colours
(11) 35mm Film gives better colours
(12) Film photography is artistic.
(13) Film photography is sexy
(14) Film photography is safe – Your less likely to get mobbed walking down the street holding your Fisheye than your hyper-whiz digicam. Fact.
(15) The accuracy – Digital interpolates (guesses). Film knows.
(16) The sharp focus
(17) The natural colours (if you want them!)
(18) Once you’ve taken a photo you move on. Next frame please!
(19) When it works, it’s a miracle. When it doesn’t work, it somehow still works. Those blurry photos still get stuck on the fridge because they have CHARACTER!
(20) No L.C.D. screen. So no Life Consuming Distractions.
(21) When you take an analogue photo, you are in the moment.
(22) All the benefits of digital (if you want them!)

(23) Happy accidents are priceless.
(24) Slower is better – Analogue Photography might take some time but it takes time to create things which will last and be valued.
(25) THE HOLY GRAIN – Film photography shows grain. Digital photography will never be able to show grain because it has no film to show grain on.
(26) Digital is forgettable – Photo goes on your computer, gets lost in ‘My Pictures’ never to be see again.
(27) The dynamic range. Film is better at capturing those little details.
(28) Film doesn’t get viruses!
(29) Control – Choose your film, choose your aperture, choose your shutter speed etc
(30) That feeling of anticipation you get when you go to collect your roll.
(31) The physical link – Your photo isn’t made up of 0’s and 1’s, it’s made from light hitting film – so it’s, like, made from the WORLD man (sorry, it’s the hippy in me).
(32) The learning process – Some people say film photography is harder. It’s not. It just teaches you more.
(33) Sprockets! – You won’t see these bad boys in digital, they are all about the analogue.
(34) Film is better for those loooooooooooooong exposures.
(35) The reward

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Credits: rater

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20 Commenti

  1. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    Nice article, but there's no need to go hating on digital...I flow between both every day depending on my personal mood and what I'm looking for, because each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Concentrate on what makes using film unique and and fun, but cheap shots against digital are just that...cheap. As a Lomographer you don't have to stoop so low.

  2. nural
    nural ·

    Geniunly great reasons!!!

  3. tomas_bates
    tomas_bates ·

    @disasterarea - You're totally right, digital has its strengths too - Like most people I have a digital camera and love using it on occassion :-)

  4. disasterarea
    disasterarea ·

    My 14 reasons....

    1. You can buy vintage film equipment for a fraction of their modern equivalents
    2. People respond better, and are more willing to have their picture taken with a classic vintage or toy camera, than having a huge-modern SLR.
    3. There is a reason why film directors give actors vintage SLR's...it give their characters depth and substance (like you).
    4. If you're spending time in photoshop trying to make your digital prints look retro and analogue, cut out the middle-man and shoot the real thing instead?
    5. Shooting film is personal
    6. If you're less worried with how the image is going to come out, you'll be more willing to experiment.
    7. Cross processing makes cloudy days interesting.
    8. Film is stealthy
    9. Zone focusing means never having to look through the viewfinder to get a great shot
    10. Toy cameras are cute
    11. Instead of shooting the same object 50 times then choosing the best one, film encourages you to make that one shot perfect.
    12. Shooting film will get you respect from your grandparents
    13. Multiple exposure is something you can do in-camera
    14. Shooting Film is a choice

  5. kiwikoh
    kiwikoh ·

    Can I "like" this article for 100 times?

  6. ricah_018
    ricah_018 ·

    @disasterarea totally agree with your 14 reasons especially 10 (i think it's what first got me in) , 11 and 14. shooting film is indeed a choice, not something you do because everybody else does it.

  7. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    yeah yeah yeaaaahhh!! :D

  8. pangmark
    pangmark ·

    Love it, and disasterarea's 14 too. I like number 14 but instead I say " Shooting film is choice" In NZ saying something is choice (with exagerated accent) is to say OMG that's so cool!

  9. selphiebooyaka
    selphiebooyaka ·

    @disasterarea I agree. love your list

  10. anarollemberg
    anarollemberg ·

    Reason #31 - oops, there's a "hippy" in me too!

  11. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I love 35mm film becouse is different

  12. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    I don't hate digital at all, but it's simply not the thing that attracts me.... and all in analogue attracts me, be it 35mm or 120mm! :)

  13. minty_
    minty_ ·

    this is so true! <3

  14. orangeuke
    orangeuke ·

    love it! especially the hippy part... sounds like me :D i use 120 tho huge negatives are fun haha

  15. deepfried_goodness
    deepfried_goodness ·

    Great article. I agree with a few on here but put forth initially by disasterarea, both media have advantages and disadvantages. When I'm shooting a product shot for work, I do not want dreamy and wild colours. I want exactly what I see . . . and I need to have it ready yesterday. Having said that, I have only 2 digital cameras, but my collection of Lomographic, vintage and toy film cameras is at 7 and growing. Now, if only I had a photolab in my basement.

  16. gegana06
    gegana06 ·

    Always bring the 35mm film in your pocket...and your camera...

  17. peeciella
    peeciella ·

    I like 20th the most :D

  18. justaspencer
    justaspencer ·

    My favorites: 19 and 30

  19. mscagli1
    mscagli1 ·

    Great article! My favorite: 24. The wait is worth it.

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