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2011-01-19 2

Let’s be free! The Diana F+ and the 35mm Back are designed to give you freedom over the shutter and winding, so you can easily overlap your shots to create a super panoramic shot! In this tipster I am going to show you how I shoot a roll of 35mm film to create a panoramic shot of my little journey!

Shoot Forever Technique by vita1104

The full photo is even too big for our gallery – so take a look here in the superviewer.

Here is how you do it:

  • Install the Diana+ 35mm Back on your Diana F+
  • Test how many times you turn the knob to leave the space for overlapping the next shot.
  • Decide the route of the journey (direction needs to be from left to right)
  • Face your target objects and shoot
  • Step horizontally a few steps (beware of traffic if you shoot near a roadside)
  • Adjust your focus for different distances between the objects.
  • Because the spool gets thicker when you complete a certain amount of shots, the distance you turn the Knob needs to be slightly decreased to prevent black space between shots.
  • Keep shooting until you use up your roll.
  • Ask the photo lab to develop your film and leave it un-cut!
  • Then stitch either your prints or the digital scans with a photo editing software.

Voila. There you go a full roll of 35mm panoramic! Take a little journey from the post office to your home, or a walk in the park and try this trick!

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2 Commenti

  1. basho
    basho ·

    Or... you can get yourself a nice Spinner 360º ;o)

  2. sabber172
    sabber172 ·

    would you have to install the 35mm back? I mean, wouldn't it be possible to do this with 120 film?

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