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  1. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Very cool night shot love those signs

  2. francislee
    francislee ·

    @koduckgirl this is a very old style Chinese restaurant. It started their business on 50’s very famous in Hong Kong. And many tourists visit there to tease the Chinese dumping.

  3. torotto
    torotto ·

    I love this light !!

  4. francislee
    francislee ·

    @torotto thank you, this is a signboard of a traditional Chinese restaurant located at Hong Kong Island

  5. se1
    se1 ·

    I really love your photos of HK my friend, excellent.

  6. francislee
    francislee ·

    @se1 Thank you for liking my photo, also leaved your kind comment.
    have a nice day, Cheers!

  7. angela_masella
    angela_masella ·

    Amazing shot!!!

  8. francislee
    francislee ·

    @angela_masella thank you very much

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