It is with you, the highly respected inhabitants of this unique Internet resource, that I want to share one revelation. Every time I load a Konica film maded in the mid-90s into my camera, I experience a thrill creative of emotion. (Almost true.) Veteran photographers have told me more than once that even in their young years, the thought of the Konica films set in motion their creative thought. (Almost a joke.) Therefore, every time I load a Konica film maded in the mid-90s into my camera, I think with great gratitude of those great outstanding technologists and specialists, probably of Japanese enterprises, that have managed to make such film from wich tremble for more than three decadesprofessional photographers and amateur photographers. (Pure truth.) If they knew about it ... The photo was taken on Konica film at a not bright, cool and windy April day in Zaryadye Park in its first spring of 2018. #Konica #Zaryadye #Park #spring #zaryadyepark #Moscow #RedSquare #genre #portrait

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  1. hansdemeij
    hansdemeij ·

    Beautiful portrait!

  2. awa-awa
    awa-awa ·

    Thank you for your attention, opinion and rating.
    That day was interesting and very long. We had an interesting program, good mood and a lot of films. We all wanted this day to w'll unforgettable for us. And we did it.

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