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Double XX Montage

The (un)fortunate results of leaving used film out where it can be inadvertantly re-used.... to what extent? Here are summer beach pictures which were exposed again with winter scenes! Should be fun. On top of that, this is ancient, very expired, #Kodak E-4 ( #E4 ) #slide Dupe ( #reversal ) from the early 1970s. Slide duplication film in fact, not meant for in camera use. But here we are. Not sure how well it WOULD have done, but it looks like we have view-able pictures regardless. Winter scenes shot with Voigtlander Bessa - L with a converted Nikkor-H auto 28mm pre - AI lens. Developed (cross processed) in used C-41 flexicolor one shot (so technically two-shot). Bleached with Copper sulfate and ammonium thiosulfate fixer (18 min, 10 min, & 8 minutes each at room temp, constant agitation.

Stipati Come Sardine

Quest'anno abbiamo festeggiato il 10° compleanno de La Sardina! Non è mai troppo tardi per festeggiare - unisciti a noi e vinci un buono sconto da utilizzare nel nostro Negozio Online.

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