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8/8 - The beauty of ugliness

Last August I improvised a last-minute road trip in Romania.

This time, I left my bulky reflex at home. Instead, I purchased a disposable FunSaver by Kodak.

Is the image quality lower? Sure.
Did I mess up some shots? Yes.

I didn't want the goal of taking great pictures to stop me from enjoying the moments I was living during the road trip. I didn't want carrying 1-2 kgs of gear to make me more fatigued than necessary. I've experienced these things before and they both partially killed creativity.

The purpose was really contained in the name of the camera: saving the fun.

Surprisingly, when I developed the film in a shop in Barcelona, I was complimented by the people working there for the "unusually nice shots". I don't know whether they deserve this compliment or not but it gave me the motivation to post some of them here.

disposablecamera kodakfunsaver romania
Kodak FunSaver
Romania with a disposable camera

Lomography x Disorder: Controcorrente

In occasione dell'undicesima edizione di Disorder, festival indipendente di musica e autoproduzioni, abbiamo organizzato un nuovo fantastico concorso fotografico per offriti la possibilità di vincere ingressi gratuiti al festival, fotocamere Lomography e molto altro ancora!

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