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I'm a photographer living with Thyroid Eye Disease, an auto immune condition that attacks your eyes. The photographs I submitted were all taken the year prior to getting my diagnosis and during 2020. These photos were taken in my first apartment and neighborhood during my late 20s. This was an incredibly special time in my life because it was full of firsts and incredible growth as a woman and artist. It was my first time ever living alone, my first chosen home, and my first time living in a city. I was so wonderfully inspired by my surroundings and made so much art during that time period. I was often waking up and jotting down ideas for photographs that came to me in my dreams. I spent a lot of free time noticing how the light fell in my apartment and going on solo walks around town with my film camera and headphones in. My eye disease has changed my view of the world and therefore my art, but I have these photographs of my space to remind me of who I once was and in many ways still am. I used Lomochrome Purple and Lomochrome Metropolis 35mm film for these images.

New City

Lomography x Copenhagen Photo Festival: Entanglement

Abbiamo unito le forze con il Copenhagen Photo Festival per un concorso incentrato sul tema del festival 2024: Entanglement. Partecipa per avere la possibilità di vincere uno stand al prossimo Photo Print Market, un DigitaLIZA Max, una fotocamera Lomography e molto altro ancora!

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