Linz Seen from the North

Panorama stitched with autostich from 2 frames. Shot with Yashica Lynx 5000E on Ferrania orto 50, handheld

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  1. leisuresuit
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  2. msiegel
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    Thanks a ton, @leisuresuit also for the Likes!

  3. bob_b
    bob_b ·

    What experiences did you have with autostich ? Your composition is well done.

  4. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    @bob_b I find autostitch easy to use. It does a tremendous job for a fully automated process. I put in the pics in the right order (from left to right) that seems to help, at least it did years ago and I kept the habit. But more important, IMO is that one already has the pano in mind when taking the indiviual pictures. Enough overlap is important (the shorter the lens the more overlap is needed because if distortion) as ist the vertical alignment or you lose too much of your frame when cropping it to rectangular (the final stitched image is not really without cropping). Anyway, it's fun to use, it's free and it does not install a lot of junk on your computer. I also had a Canon stitching software that came free with an older digital camera which had more options and user interface was nicer but the results were not better, on the contrary. The user interface of autostitch is rudimentary.
    You can downlaod it here (64bit Windows, under 8 MB, zip-file)

  5. msiegel
    msiegel ·

    @bob_b ...and thanks for your Likes and the comment on the composition!

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