Coffee shop

I dug out a Pentax K1000 that has been unused at the back of a cupboard for many a year and tried out a roll of Lomography Lady Grey. To be honest, I was disappointed when I picked them up from the lab. I only posted this selection (scanned from prints, not the negatives) very reluctantly. But I'm very happy with how they've been received here. This shot was grabbed in the coffee shop: Exposure and focus were a guess.

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  1. subculturalhippie
    subculturalhippie ·

    I don't think you should feel disappounted about these shots, I think they're great! This one shows very much the haste and speed we live in modern society. Almost from a scene of time flying by in front of your eyes. Amazing shot!

  2. richardhall
    richardhall ·

    You're very kind -- thanks!

  3. rolfmg
    rolfmg ·

    I absolutely agree - a great shot!

  4. bo1
    bo1 ·

    very nice

  5. impressionsobscure
    impressionsobscure ·

    I have adapted the 10 rules of Lomography to have adversely proportion equivalents. The don’t think just shoot means that if you set it up, plan it out, meter it, etc than you are going to fuck it up. It was a good guess and I think an excellent shot. I would give anything to have my K1000 back. If you don’t like it please keep posting everything for us! -Justin

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