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  1. lalouve
    lalouve ·

    That's such a wow! :)

  2. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @lalouve :-))

  3. neufotomacher
    neufotomacher ·

    Yes I do.

  4. florinegarcin
    florinegarcin ·

    Superbe ! :)

  5. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @florinegarcin Merci Florine ! Il existait autrefois des appareils photos reliefs spécifiques pour se fabriquer ses propres galettes Viewmaster. J'adorerai que quelqu'un ressorte ce truc !

  6. emmka
    emmka ·

    C'est un View Master, pas vrai ? Und belle photograpie ! Bon travail...

  7. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @emmka merci! J'aime beaucoup le View Master !

  8. chrislimpio
    chrislimpio ·


  9. xoch_photosfera
    xoch_photosfera ·

    This is so beautiful <3

  10. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @xoch_photosfera thanks!

  11. ekeupratama
    ekeupratama ·

    nice portrait!

  12. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @ekeupratama merci !

  13. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    Of course!
    these are photos i did with my view-master cam.
    i have tons of view-master stuff,
    even an analog 3D Projector, the legendary Stereomatic 500

  14. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @stereograph Wow!

  15. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @stereograph It would be nice to find a machine to easily make our own view-master disks!

  16. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    oh, its not that hard :-)
    i make my own since 10 years now.
    you need a cam and a special cutter.
    its all vintage equipment, thats the main problem,
    but fun!

  17. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @stereograph It must be nice to watch his own photos in relief in a View-master! Lucky guy!

  18. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @stereograph Is your view-master camera like this one?

  19. stereograph
    stereograph ·

    Yep, this is the german one.
    called Mark II or Stereo Color.
    i also use the older us-american one.
    different systems each one.
    can't say witch i prefer.
    with the Mark to you can use a flash easily.

  20. leisuresuit
    leisuresuit ·

    I loved the view master as well as the camera that took the pictures to make your own view master reels. I believe it was called the Sawyers 3d camera. Great photo by the way.

  21. frenchyfyl
    frenchyfyl ·

    @leisuresuit thanks!

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