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  1. rolfmg
    rolfmg ·

    A very nice album - where is it? Which film and camera are you using?

  2. aldolujanzanetti
    aldolujanzanetti ·

    Hello Rolfmg !!!
    Thanks for your comment.
    It is a photograph from 1998.
    Taken in Río Ceballos, Córdoba, Argentina.
    with the AGFA SILETTE II camera, which I still have and still take pictures.
    With the old film AGFAPAN 100, developed in 1:50 rodinal.
    Exposed for 1 second and f: 22.
    With tripod and self-timer
    Taken in the shade, very late.

  3. aldolujanzanetti
    aldolujanzanetti ·

    Thanks a lot!!! brine, eemac73, davidalexandre, bgladding, triscuit, fabiovnova, goshenhank, scout2017, murks, lomodesbro, frenchyfyl, emilywatson, oukrid, awa-awa, rmfs-ruegen, klawe, fisheyemary, aka_papu, rolfmg, ts_, gheinz, leisuresuit, opon21, cobinj, penombros, mlchaelbexley, bcpleung, bajdiana110, grandphilippe & rik041

  4. snapshotsfromearth
    snapshotsfromearth ·

    Superb shot!

  5. aldolujanzanetti
    aldolujanzanetti ·

    Thank you so much SNAPSHOTSFROMEARTH!!!

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