The Phileas Fogg Project ! FROM bebopbebop TO sobetion

Credits: goonies

Hello Guys !

After a heavy exam session our lomofriend Haziqhashim sent our beloved disposable camera in Indonesia to Bebopbebop.

It’s time for our Indonesian friend to shoot a picture and send to Mr. SOBETION !

Our QuickSnap camera will be ready for another great trip. From Indonesia to THAILAND . .

I’m so excited for this project.
I know ! It needs a long time to end. But I’m sure that it will be awesome see the pictures of all the partecipants. Different countries. Different styles. Different points of view. One strong passion that unites all of them . . the LOMOGRAPHY !

Lomo ON !

What the hell is The Phileas Fogg Project ?

scritto da giovannidecarlo il 2013-06-07

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  1. goonies
    goonies ·

    hell yeahhhh

  2. giovannidecarlo
    giovannidecarlo ·

    YEah I can't wait to develop and scan the results ! @goonies

  3. bebopbebop
    bebopbebop ·


  4. goonies
    goonies ·

    Giovanni non vedo l'ora, sono veramente impaziente!!!

  5. atria007
    atria007 ·