Lomo Home of the Day 03.05.2020
"Lomographer jonography takes inspiration from nature and its intricate patterns to create his nostalgic photographs. From everyone here in Lomography, congratulations to jonography on winning Home of the Day!"

Lomo Photo of the Day 02.07.2019

Lomo Home of the Day 10.12.2018

Lomo Photo of the Day Nov 2017

My current analogue armoury includes:

Nikkormat EL + Nikkor-H 28mm f3.5 ~ Contax RTS ii + Yashica 50mm f2 ~ Kiev 4 + Jupiter 50mm f2 Praktica PL Nova 1b + Domiplan 50mm f2.8 ~ Zenit 3m ~ Zenit TTL + Helios 58mm f2 ~ Fujica ST605n ~ Exa 1a ~ Exa 500 ~ Yashicamat 6x6 ~ Lomo’Instant wide ~ Voigtlander Bessa T + Color Skopar 35mm f2.5 ~ Nikon F Photomic Apollo + Nikkor-H 50mm f2 ~ Bronica ETRSi + Zenzanon 75mm f2.8 PE ~ Olympus OM10 + Zuiko auto-s 50mm f1.8 ~ Cosina Computer CT7 + Cosinon-S 50mm f2 ~ Pentax auto 110 Super + 18mm + 24mm + 50mm f2.8

257 1.297

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