I have shot the new lingerie collection of Sacha Kimmes (, "Petit Chat". I'm very proud of this photoshoot and you can discover this collection here : and the lookbook here : / Model : Sabrina Sako

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  1. sirio174
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  2. sirio174
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    what lens do you use?

  3. lafilledeer
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    @sirio174 it's on the description ;)

  4. sirio174
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    oh yes... the cheap and common 50/1.8, a great lens that I also use on my AE-1 program. But due to the great plasticity of your photos in studioI thought about the mythical 50/1.2 that fully open had an exceptional softness and an almost 3d "effect"! However my preferred camera are Praktica and Zorki, maybe because I use these from my adolescence!