Hi, I used to be someone else. I took a break for awhile and came back as someone new. I had taken
over 2000 photos which I did a critical review of and reposted just a few examples. I wanted to publish at least one example from all the various cameras I've collected.

I have a large collection of film cameras: mostly vintage, some I've repaired, quite a few were rescued from a salvage box, some were given to me, some I purchased new awhile ago, some I purchased used not so long ago. Some are plastic toys, some are nice SLRs and I have two view cameras for 4x5.

I usually develop my own film. I typically develop b&w in Rodinal 50:1. I've stand developed old film and unknown film including color C41 in Rodinal at 100:1 for an hour at room temp. I've shot and processed IR film. I've developed C41 color with a three part Cinestill kit. I've cross processed old slide film in C41. I've made my own Caffenol developer.

I've shot paper negatives and done lumiprints on paper stock. I've shot Polaroid but that has gotten hard to get for my old cameras. I've tried tin types but have yet to be successful with them. I've printed negatives in a darkroom. I've solarized prints while they were in the developer.
I've shot film in 116, 616, 127, 126, 110, 620, 120, 35 mm, 16 mm, 828 , APS, IsoRapid, 4x5, Infrared, Orthochromatic and Positive Paper. I have no preferences.

I have some classical art training and paint figurative art and portraits. I prefer to paint loosely and interpretatively in watercolor and I appreciate that it is the unsaid that triggers interest in a work of art.

My avatar is not my self portrait. It is a photo of "The Portrait of Enrico Vallecci" painted by Ottone Rosai taken at the Novecento Museum, Florence, Italy in Sept 2017 with my Minox 35 on Kodak Gold Max 400.

"Our heads are round so that our thoughts can change direction", Francis Picabia.

" Groping in vagueness is no more productive than blind adherence to rules", Rudolf Arnheim "Art and Visual Perception".

" Art is the elimination of the unnecessary" , Pablo Picasso.

"The Great Way is not difficult for those that have no preferences" , Taoist saying.

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