Stéfano Pérez Tonella holds a degree in Aesthetics from DAMS (Disciplines of Art, Music, and Entertainment, Department of Dramatic Arts, University of Bologna, Italy) where he also got specialized in playwriting. He further honed his expertise in Communication with a master's degree focused on media. Later on, he spent several years as a theater studies researcher, with a focus on pre-Columbian cultures.
He's the founder and director of «studio elledi» in Varese, a multi-disciplinary studio that spans editorial design, visual design, and workplace safety communication. He also teaches courses in Visual Design and Creative Writing.

Stéfano's journey into Photography began nearly 20 years ago largely influenced by extended visits to Mexico, where he conducted part of his theater research. That passion evolved into a professional career spanning Photography and Visual design.

Today, he continues to integrate his expertise in both visual and written mediums.

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