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Fuji C 200

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  1. dahan
    dahan ·

    beautiful serbia.. is that easy to find and develop film in there?

  2. tasjarhodes
    tasjarhodes ·

    @dahan :
    I wouldn't exactly call it beautiful most of the time... :(
    As for the film, no, not really. At least in my city, there is only few photo labs that still develop (and also scan) films. And even they think you're crazy because you use an analogue camera today. Few more places sell film, and it's mostly that one (Fuji C 200). Don't know about Belgrade, though...
    And what about Taiwan?

  3. dahan
    dahan ·

    @tasjarhodes :
    Why not exactly beautiful ? I think political situation in Serbia is more stable right now.
    But still, you capture Serbia beautifully.
    Yes, they all think the analog photographers are crazy person, althought in big city that i live in (Taipei). Especially, if i walk around with mamiya rb67..:D.
    But, there are a lot of places to find film and also develop, and i can find lomography embassy easily in Taipei, as well.

  4. tasjarhodes
    tasjarhodes ·

    I don't know... I never really liked this country. Not much to see here. My city is not that bad, though. And I can sometimes find nice places in nature :)
    I try not to pay much attention to politics, it's all the same. But I am not going to complain about it, since I am aware of the situation in some other countries, so I should be happy with this :)
    Taiwan seems like a beautiful country.

  5. dahan
    dahan ·

    @tasjarhodes :
    Actually, I am from Indonesia and nowadays study in Taiwan. Indeed, Taiwan is beautiful country and Indonesia, as well..:D. And I agree that mostly political condition in all countries seem similar (to be bad..:).
    Frankly, i can see happiness and hope through your picture..Serbia happiness.
    Thank for sharing

  6. tasjarhodes
    tasjarhodes ·

    @dahan : Thank you very much for your nice words :)

  7. martinpruv
    martinpruv ·

    brilliant capture!

  8. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Beautiful just like you Tasja

  9. koduckgirl
    koduckgirl ·

    Gorgeous shot love the red and Green contrast Cheers and thanx for the recent visits and likes too as always

  10. jarvislomo
    jarvislomo ·

    even though you said it wasn't beautiful, it is a beautiful shot, I hope you're still hanging in there

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