the window

While i speed up shooting most of the time - this film took me a little longer. Treid to work out some ideas... Maybe, also because i take this camera too serious. Well getting back the full film i am very happ and want to repeat shooting red scale. February and March 2016 Leica IIIf elmar 3,5/35 This is Lomo Redscale Film. And i intend to scan the doubles another time in a different way. By the way, the scanning gives a lot of possibilities to get the best out of the negatives. So though Lomo - interpreting the scanned tiffs leaves up a lot of possibilities to get the colors right, or better....

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  1. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    Love the feel of this one

  2. neneohcs
    neneohcs ·

    @mjanekerr thank you for your comment! This window is very dear to me - shot it in different light and with different emulsions. The feel of this one (i think) is clearly about the redscaling (well and our dear sun...)
    Anyway the lomo redscale produces fabolous results - with the reight light and motiv....
    and you may know, that "self-made-redscale" is not too difficult.
    Well thank you for your comment - which is much more stroking than a like!

  3. mjanekerr
    mjanekerr ·

    Yes, I like redscale a lot, and it def adds to the mood of this one, that and the warm sunlight through the curtain, so lovely!

  4. gmushinsky
    gmushinsky ·

    Great picture!

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