Maltby Street Market, London


What started a few years ago as an escape from Borough Market’s high rent prices has become London’s funkiest street food market. Hungry or not, you will definitely find something to enjoy here in Maltby Street Market.

Stop 1. A delicious smoked salmon sandwich with dill and sour cream from Hansen & Lydersen.

Responsibly sourced and smoked in Stoke Newington by Ole Hansen using his grandfather’s recipe, true to four generations of Hansen and Lydersen craft, he insists on producing his salmon according to the long-standing smoking traditions that have been the backbone of his family’s success for over 80 years. They use only fresh fish and real wood and never pack their salmon into plastic.

Funky fact: Throughout the duration of the smoking process, the music of Norwegian classical composer Sybelius is played to the salmon.

Stop 2. Little Bird for a drink.

Little Bird is actually a small batch gin distillery. Their pop-up Sparrow Bar at Maltby Street is an outstanding example of shabby chic design. One-off pieces of glassware and furniture will surely catch any Lomographer’s eye. If you are hungover, go for their famous Bloody Mary, or if you simply want to prepare yourself for the next little snack, go for a glass of Pink Prosecco, you can always come back for something stronger later.

Stop 3.Tapas Bar Tozino has everything you would expect from the tapas bar and more.

My top favorite things from the menu were artichoke hearts (we even had a talk from the chief lady about the sauce!) and black pudding with caramelized apple.

Tozino also serves a wide selection of serrano ham, such as Jamon de Teruel from Aragon and delicious acorn fed Jamon Iberico from Los Pedroches in Cordoba, available freshly carved and whole on the bone.
There are also ham, cheese and charcuterie plates on the menu, and the sour dough bread is exquisite.

A short but cleverly selected wine list is available. Even if you have never heard of those wines, they are all good! I was pleasantly surprised to see the Bobal grape from the region of Valencia on offer, as it is not that widely-known and yet it is very dear to my heart.

Stop 4. it’s time for a glass of something organic or biodynamic, so head to a wine bar simply called “40 Maltby Street”.

You can buy these wines to take home or to drink by the glass or bottle.

Located in the warehouse of Gergovie Wines, the bar sells wines produced by a handful of wine-makers who eschew the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in favour of letting the land and the grape speak.

A must-try wine is by my friends, Spanish producers Baranco Oscurro. Grown in the highest vineyards of Spain not far from Granada, it is simply divine.

There is a small kitchen serving food through the evening on a Wednesday and Thursday, at lunch and dinner on a Friday, and lunch on a Saturday.

Useful fact: they have a toilet!

Stop 5. For traditional home made breads, patisserie, viennoiseries, savories and sandwiches, head to Comptoir Gourmand Bakery.

There is lots to choose from: Bakewell Tart, Brioches, Brownies, Cassis Pomme, Cherry Tart , Quiche Lorraine and more.

They also sell coffee and organic apple juice.

Stop 6. Monty’s Deli is famous for it’s sandwiches.

There is always a huge queue at this stall, so be patient. Their flagship is a Reuben sandwich. Slices of thick peppery pastrami, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese all stuffed between toasted bread, and served with a gherkin and homemade coleslaw. A magnificent sandwich where the meat is so beautifully delicious, and everything just works together perfectly to deliver tastiness, bite after bite.

St John custard doughnuts are very popular, too.

Stop 7. Waffle On.

Well, for waffles! Waffles with dry cure bacon and maple syrup, waffles with beetroot cured salmon and dill, waffles with greek yogurt and berries, waffles, waffles, waffles…

Stop 8. Crabmeat sandwich at Market Gourmet.

Made with fresh crabmeat from CHRISTCHURCH FISHERIES, it is seriously to die for!

For taking home, don’t miss out on organic apple stall, as well as a really nice cheese stall selling a huge range of French cheeses (and don’t forget to grab some onion jam to accompany it!).

The amount of stalls can vary from week to week, and from season to season. But no matter if it’s summer or winter, go to Maltby street and support the small independent businesses! South of the river IS cool!

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  1. myloft
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    makes me hungry! love the pictures

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    jaalvarez ·

    I´m so hungry now !!!!

  3. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    That hoof is a bit off putting for my tastes, but I have a feeling the food would be worth the initial shock.

  4. geegraphy
    geegraphy ·

    Reading this made my mouth water. :3

  5. bisilala
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    Uhh can't wait to try it all!!

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    I am so going there! Starving...

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    Really wanna go there

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    Ill have to join you one free weekend, though I doubt ill be trying any of the meat!

  9. neja
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    @kylewis there are plenty other things to try! tomorrow we are going for mini wine fair organised by Matlby 40 for their wine producers. all organic, natural and bodynamic

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