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Favored by newspapermen of the 1940s up to the 1950s, the Graflex Crown Graphic camera is still alive and kicking with its various features and the high-quality photos it can produce. The Crown Graphic is a 4x5 folding camera that uses large format film. It is similar to the Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic but was made without the focal plane shutter.

Graflex Crown Graphic Special © Mark Dries via Flickr, Image used under Creative Commons license

The Crown Graphic is lightweight. Due to this characteristic, newspapermen of earlier times preferred to carry the Crown Graphic as their press cameras. It can also cater to a range of wide-angle lenses that are shorter than 65 mm.

Aside from being a preferred handheld camera for newsmen, the Crown Graphic also fares well as a field camera. The folding camera sets up easily and can be conveniently used with a tripod and a variety of short lenses. Images produced with the Graflex Crown Graphic are highly detailed especially when taken with 4x5 films in the line of Kodak Tri-X Pan and Kodak Portra 400 with ASA ranges of 320 to 3200.

If you’re looking to tread into large format territory, the Graflex Crown Graphic camera may be a viable choice for you. Take handheld photos like newspapermen of the past, or quickly set up for some landscape shots with this large format camera.

Photos Taken by Our Community Members

Credits: -walsh-, digitaljunk, heathenpadre & copefan

Technical Specifications

Type: Large format folding camera
Film: 4 × 5 sheet film in sheet film holders
Shutter Speeds: 1 to 1/400, B, T, and Open
Viewfinder: Sports finder, telescopic wireframe in the front standard and retractable peephole with parallax correction, optical viewfinder with auto parallax correction and interchangeable masks for different lenses
Rangefinder: coupled rangefinder
Back: Graflok back with an integrated ground glass and removable folding metal shade
Focusing: double knurled knobs, on rails with folding infinity stops and focus lock
Movements of the front standard: Tilt 20, Bed drop 20, Rise 26 mm, Shift, 19 mm. 8.5 mm each way from zero position
Mount: Double tripod mount – bottom for landscape and side for portraits
Weight: 2.6 kg

All information used in this article were sourced from Dave Karp at Large Format Photography, Raul Da Santas at Camaras Classicas, Cameraquest, Film Photography Project, and Graflex.

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