Photo Stories: Away With You by lomomowlem


It is clear from the wild variety of photos in the website that Lomographers will do just about anything to get a good shot. Some swap rolls with friends overseas while others concoct unheard-of film soups. And then there are the masters of operations, the ones who spy and crouch their way to a share-worthy picture. This is one such story.

Credits: lomomowlem

“Another shot from the tunnel complex around London Waterloo station. There’s always a slight risk involved in getting these shots because no matter how ‘normal’ you try to look, people will always think you’re some kind of stalker. I mean, who in their right mind hangs around these places, following people and acting strangely with a camera? If only they understood the concept of a rat’s eye view everything would be just fine.”

See more of lomomowlem’s home for more tunnel vision shots.

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2015-06-18 #lifestyle #green #tunnel #photo-stories

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  1. fotobes
    fotobes ·

    I'm just surprised that I've not bumped into you down there as yet!

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