Richard Lin, his Desire to Experiment with Film, and the Petzval 58


A front liner in the Singaporean Lomography community, Richard Lin shares his experience with the Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens.

Credits: lzyrich

How did you get into photography?

It was way back in year 2006 when I saw my friend using an interesting looking camera (Lomography Fisheye) to take photos. I saw the results online and immediately liked them. I liked the way how you can capture unpredictable, beautiful moments and able to showcase in terms of an art perspective which eventually aroused my interest in photography. Constantly looking out and experimenting on new ideas is what drives me to improve throughout the years.

Which topics do you normally like to shoot?

Portraits, Landscapes and Streets.

How would you describe your photography style?

Creative, Unique, Adventurous.

Credits: lzyrich

Why did you choose the Petzval 58 Art Lens?

I loved the way you can control the bokeh in the Petzval 58 Art Lens. This is the key reason that none of the lens today will be able to do it.

Can you share with us some of your photos taken with the Petzval 58 Art Lens? Any story behind these photos?

Credits: lzyrich

These photos was taken on the first few dates with my girlfriend at an old estate at Dakota Crescent which will be demolished by the end of the year to make way for new residential developments. I really like the old architecture designs, something which is getting harder to find in modern day Singapore.

How was the Petzval experience? Any highlights and/or lowlights in your experience shooting with the Petzval 58?

The user experience was great! It felt similar to the Petzval 85, the differences is that it has a focal length of 58mm (which is easy to carry around) and you will be able to control how swirly the bokeh you want on the Petzval 58. I would recommend shooting with a noisy background to achieve the swirly bokeh e.g, nature during the day and lights from skyscrapers at night. Try using from bokeh 7 if you could not find any noisy background at that point of time.

Anything you'd like to say to your fellow Lomographers out there?

I feel that the Petzval 58 is one of the must have lens if you are into portraits. Give it a try if you have the chance and I'm sure you will enjoy it as must as I do.

Credits: lzyrich

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New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens

Rivivi i primi tempi della fotografia con questo obiettivo fatto a mano che unisce il design storico e l'originale ottica russa con una innovativa ghiera di controllo del Bokeh.

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