Strange Scenes of Fiction by Erika Zolli

Photography as a medium evolved more than just as a way of documenting and capturing real life. It became an avenue for creation and release of fiction. In Erika Zolli's photography, she translates her cognitions into surreal images.

The fine art photography from Milan loves to explore the dreamy dimensions found in her head; dreamy. Strange and magical by nature, there's still some realism going in, even just for a bit. It's more about creating new worlds and realities that one cannot merely see or perceive in real life.

Me at My Best - Erika Zolli

Her interest in photography came from her studies and influences in Philosophy and Cognitive Science. Both the study of existence, reality, and consciousness have found their way into molding lighthearted compositions. Such can be found in her series "Geometric Variants", "Me at My Best", and "Surreal Arabesque", all having different themes but surrealistic nonetheless.

Geometric Variants; Surreal Arabesque - Erika Zolli

Watch out for our interview with Erika Zolli soon. In the meantime, visit her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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