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  1. jetnz81
    jetnz81 ·

    how come so super PINK?

  2. yijing
    yijing ·

    Because that day was not bright n sunny.

  3. mont0417
    mont0417 ·

    where u develop it??

  4. mont0417
    mont0417 ·

    color look very different from mine lol

  5. yijing
    yijing ·

    @mont0417, ya, really don't like this tone... i want something pale purplish like yours.. :( i developed in digital gallery times square... but i think i will switch to fotosun for future..

  6. mont0417
    mont0417 ·

    fotosun color will be alright!! my cross process photos done by them, but sometimes their works suxk!! so depends luck also~! lomo~~!! XD or u can try mega photo at wangsa maju!!

  7. yijing
    yijing ·

    Okay next time will go fotosun! =)

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