Near death experience

3 Days after massive media exposure about the lost (then found drowned & crashed) of Air Asia airways, on December 31st, 2014 me and my family went to Bali, Indonesia for new years holiday. Last year we went to the same destination with Air Asia, but this time we went from Husein Sastranegara airport, Bandung with Garuda Indonesia airways, the best airways in my country. Actually my sister have booked the seat far away before the Air Asia crash happen, but still I'm quite nervous take a trip with airplane at the very severe weather in Indonesia at that time. Thanks God our trip were facing no problem at all. Eventhough when we were land at Ngurah Rai airport, Bali, we were welcomed by the rain. But the near death experience story happened on our trip back from Bali to Bandung. Actually since take off from Ngurah Rai airport with the same plane (Garuda Indonesia Airways) I'm feeling very happy because the weather is very shiny and bright. Especially I get a chance to snap a very beautiful rainbow above the eastern of Java Island which very unfortunately the result are overexposure T_T. By the way this is the near death experience story. When the airplane were started to enter Jawa Barat (West Java), the suddenly most famous comulunimbus cloud because it always sounded by mass media as the main reason of Air Asia tragedy (eventhough the investigation aren't finished yet at that time. That's INdonesian mass media, they always seek the "blacksheep" first, always find something to blame) are facing the plane in front of us. Suddenly the monitor of entertainment at economy class at the seat in front of me were turn off. I was watching Everything are Illuminated at that time. Actually my concentration were split between enjoying the entertainment facility that not able when I'm went with Air Asia Airways also with Lion Air airways last year; and my another concentration is snap the aerial view from the window. But I'm not interested to snap again when we were entered the comulunimbus cloud. But shit happen when some of this look so very rich man (about 40 years old something) want to go to the toilet with his (also) annoying family. Before we entered the comulunimbus, he and his family also made an annoying move with open the cabin storage and searching their heavy suitcase. Don't know what they were looking for but can you guys please do that after we successfully land please? ASS HOLE. The cute flight-attendant (Garuda Indonesia Airways are longer famous with their superb elegant beauty flight-attendant, at least on my personal view =p Since I was a kid I'm always excited when take a trip with an airplane frequently because I like to see the superbeautiful elegant Garuda flight-attendant =p) trying to warned this ASSHOLE family "Sir, plaease do that after we land in Bandung." but this ASSHOLE family speak to the flight-attendant a joke that seems to said "I don't care". They also do that when they forced to go to the toilet. Then the flight-attendant called her purser (I knew she is a purser because her uniform color is dark blue. I knew that after this late two years actively stalking Garuda Indonesia flight-attendant facebook account hahaha sadly stalker me T_T) and then the purser said politely "Sir, please come back to your seat, how if the plane are fallen down" OMG, I'm so scared hearing what the purser said. Than the ASSHOLE man said "It's ok, if we fallen down we are fallen down HAHAHA" shit, very unpolite and not funny ASSHOLE. The rain come streaming horizontally at the window glass. That's so weird for me. All of the aerial view were white and I'm feel like a milk shaking inside the shake a shake +_* After almost 30 minute finally we were successfully out from the comulunimbus cloud and here comes the familiar view of Stadion Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) at Gedebage, Bandung, the new stadium of our favorite football club, PERSIB BANDUNG, the champion of Indonesian Super League Football 2014. I'm snap like crazy again eventhough the severe weather above the Bandung city made the aerial view more dark. I'm not quite sure it will turn out good with cinestill ISO 800. But hey it's not finished yet, the pilot turn the plane direction and made a weird manuver landing for me. OMG, I hope we will have a save landing. Then the crowd who always saw at the back of the Husein Sastranegara airport, Bandung who always snap an airplane with their digital camera were saw very quite big from the window. It was the sign that we finally land. It's just a best feeling because I always on their position. Take a solo lomowalk at the back of Husein airport to snap the landing of airplane. My fave spot is near the cemetery. The land were very massive shake but thanks God we were had a safe flight. The massive rain welcomed us. This is my first welcomed by the heavy rain and the airport employee gave us an umbrella one by one. One day when I was stalked one of Garuda flight-attendant from Bandung, she wrote on her photo caption when she finally come back again to her hometown after fly all over the world she said "International airport but very bad facilities" Yes, Husein airport is to small and lack of facilities for it's reputation as an International airport. The toilet are lack of water, none bus to pick-up the passenger from the plane to the airport and the most hated for me is there is only one delivery baggage place which made us waiting for a very long time at very over crowded small room. Ahh, the most important thing was we have a safe flight. I always thank to God since we entered the comulunimbus cloud until now. But sometime I made a very much sin, hope I will be a better person from day to day. I don't wanna wasting life. HAHA I'm so melancholic but I'm sure you'll do the same if you have feel the near death experience.

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