Pantai (beach) Pandawa. The hidden beach that opened by the authority which explode the rock

Bali in December many years ago. Rain every day and night. When it come a little sunshine I was on the road T_T fight with parent and the only sister for a little thing like usual so embarassing at my 30 something years old age. But whatever happen family will be family because I'm a loser long time an unemployee I can't afford my own vacation T0T x-pro cross process the precious film. Many again and again don't think just snip snap photo -_- but overall I love Bali after the last time went there on high school trip in 2001. But my fave Bali trip was for the first time in 1996. Stay at the hotel right in front of Kuta beach. No horrible traffic jam. No easy credit japan product motorcycle with flooding Indonesia like nowaday situation and the most important thing Kuta and Sanur were fullfill with nude sunbather and at that time I haven't owned my own camera yet and ofcourse very hard to steal that moment from my mom who was the leader who decide where we should ago at that time 8DDD what a pervert no matter I'm very difficult to find a real job T_T

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