first double exposure

Olympus MJU III 115
Kodak Color Plus 200 (35mm) (disponibile nel nostro shop)
double trouble

4 Commenti

  1. briany
    briany ·

    Awesome first try at a double exposure! :)

  2. mmarta_m
    mmarta_m ·

    @briany thank you so much!!

  3. briany
    briany ·

    @mmarta_m Oh yes, I also wanted to mention that I really like that colourful (blue, white, black and orange) curved strip occurring to the right of the trees or left side of the model. For some reason, it tends to catch my eye and provides an interesting contrast with the overall colours of the photo. Was that part of the initial exposure with the girl?

  4. mmarta_m
    mmarta_m ·

    @briany sorry for the late reply!
    Thank you)
    Conversely, the first exposure consisted of various scenery. The second one was taken spontaneously, when a friend suggested taking a picture of me:)

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