Just click the video link below to see the beauty of this railroad view 🚂🌳🌾

www.facebook.com/EpinHerVin/videos/vb.1524984480/1021886481… Cihaliwung - Cikalong, Padalarang suburb 24 kilometer from Bandung city are my fave escape out of town self lomowalk when bored lomowalk in Bandung. With only Rp 5.000 ($1 = Rp 14.200) for the ticket I went to Padalarang to capture the beauty of train railroad which surrounded by the jungle and ricefield. Many thanks to @shufi the owner of Grain Grin Lab together with her husband who gave me lot of this cinematic film. Develop with ECN2 process & scan by hipercatlab which own by @fajaryayat

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