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  1. andre30
    andre30 ·

    Great photo!

  2. flamingoid
    flamingoid ·

    @andre30 Thank you!

  3. andre30
    andre30 ·

    That's a nice idea. Super everyday scene.

  4. flamingoid
    flamingoid ·

    @andre30 I just tried to make the best of my everyday commute and got lucky.

  5. andre30
    andre30 ·

    The art of analog photography is to have the camera ready to hand at the right moment! That's how I learned it as a child in 1980 from my father and grandfather. You can do everything with your smartphone today. But the passing train on the neighboring track is only so cool by analogue! This makes your photo something special ;-)

  6. marluusje
    marluusje ·

    Nice shot

  7. flamingoid
    flamingoid ·

    @andre30 Well, thank you. I always carry a film camera so it helps. @marluusje Thanks!

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