C-22 Kodacolor-X processed in cold standing develop C-41 ….I found the recipe online about how to process c-22 with only c-41 chems (most google searches on the subject say you’ll fail, most other say you should use the b&w process) luckily few turned up! Terrible quality was expected, I mean this film stock expired in 1974 and I don’t know how it had been kept over these decades. I have two rolls of this film left and will continue to develop them this way. I just wish to thank film and developing in general for giving me a purpose today, in life. This morning I received a call as soon as I awoke that brought me to screaming tears and a breakdown which as we know isn’t fun. I wasn’t leaving my bed, no way no how, until I rolled over in it and wiped my tears away- my vision cleared and what I saw was my tank with this loaded film all ready in there. It took everything inside of me to muster up the courage and strength to get up and go process it. Thank you God. Thank you to many of my online film acquaintances too…much love to both.

C22 c-22
C-22 Kodacolor-X processed in cold standing develop C-41
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