IR in the Park

Holga 120 N with Efke IR820 film and a Hoya R72 filter

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Hoooo !

  2. brommi
    brommi ·


  3. disdis
    disdis ·


  4. jeabzz
    jeabzz ·

    splendid !

  5. airin
    airin ·


  6. illiey
    illiey ·

    nice ;)

  7. summyzhong
    summyzhong ·


  8. toniokin
    toniokin ·

    just amazing how can i make this creamy light effect?

  9. rotmuetzchen
    rotmuetzchen ·

    What a wonderful fairy world!!!

  10. nation_of_pomation
    nation_of_pomation ·

    I am really stoked on IR right now, I just got a bunch of different kinds of film and it's my next adventure. This is just awesome.

  11. habof
    habof ·

    great work !

  12. blueskyandhardrock
    blueskyandhardrock ·

    simply lovely

  13. boogieroxx
    boogieroxx ·


  14. milkie
    milkie ·

    So beautiful! waow!

  15. sophie84
    sophie84 ·


  16. monkeyalien
    monkeyalien ·

    you're really good with IR! nice...

  17. hannabp
    hannabp ·

    beautiful picture! :)

  18. upupandawayaway
    upupandawayaway ·


  19. veato
    veato ·

    Awesome. I want to try some IR stuff. It's very interesting.

  20. may_fields
    may_fields ·

    freaking amazing!

  21. fisheyemary
    fisheyemary ·

    like a dream...

  22. freepeanuts
    freepeanuts ·

    Zonk! i was literally taken aback..

  23. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    agree with fisheyemary

  24. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    This is the same bridge as the one in my popular "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" color IR photograph. I guess you could say I really like this location!

  25. iif_milan
    iif_milan ·

    Hello, I am the contest administrator from the Italian Institute of Photography. Thanks for submitting the photo to our "What does dreaming look like?" contest. To complete your participation in the contest, please write in the comments section here a description of why this photo represents or interprets dreaming. Best of luck!

  26. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    This photograph is a representation of dreaming since it presents an unreal view of this scene. The poor Holga optics create a nice softening effect, like when you remember a dream and think about it being "fuzzy". The scene is unreal, but pretty like a pleasant dream, because the infrared film blows out folliage and presents a strong contrast to the stems of the trees and the smoothness of the water.

  27. bongo_biene
    bongo_biene ·


  28. fleurs_du_mal
    fleurs_du_mal ·


  29. marisin
    marisin ·

    Me encantaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  30. lazybuddha
    lazybuddha ·


  31. goma
    goma ·


  32. michela84
    michela84 ·


  33. hafenperle
    hafenperle ·

    Wow, love the whole Album. Want to make infrared films as my next projekt.. <3

  34. polish-cezar
    polish-cezar ·

    You really use basic equipment and get great results. Well done.

  35. mylatehope
    mylatehope ·

    Thank you @polish-cezar !

  36. tossino77
    tossino77 ·

    Wonderful photo!

  37. -nico-
    -nico- ·


  38. lucy-cross-77
    lucy-cross-77 ·

    Classic and peaceful

  39. gugaeo
    gugaeo ·


  40. anne165
    anne165 ·

    this is stunning love it

  41. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Wow, this is great!!

  42. msassanelli
    msassanelli ·


  43. jeanhuang
    jeanhuang ·

    Awesome !

  44. spacehead
    spacehead ·

    So, I spotted this photo in today's Lomo Facebook post on IR photography. Even though I haven't been there in almost 20 years I totally recognized this place. I think that not having been there in such a long time and that you have captured it in infra red has given this scene the exact dream like quality that it exists in inside my memories. Thanks!

  45. peha
    peha ·

    finely :)

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