Museo del Prado

Después del escaneado profesional, estos son los resultados. Usé un filtro naranja.

After scanning professional, these are the results. I used an orange filter.

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  1. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·


  2. le_ors
    le_ors ·


  3. neja
    neja ·

    amazing album! made my day!

  4. schlogoat
    schlogoat ·

    What a great album! Was the process C41 or E6?

  5. triky76
    triky76 ·

    @schlogoat the process is C41 ;-D

  6. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    C-41? My Whishlist 2014 hehehe

  7. triky76
    triky76 ·

    @hervinsyah thanks for the likes, visits and coments!! ;-D. Yes, it's C-41.

    This film is espectacular but it's very expensive (I paid 40 euros in ebay). Once in life you have to shoot this film ;-D

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