Summer field in Tungsten

First use of Lomography X Tungsten64. ISO100x2. Cross processed.

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  1. amytam
    amytam ·

    WHOA! This is amazing!

  2. saintempire
    saintempire ·

    please please please, keep using tungsten!!!! AMAZING my friend!

  3. peacocksky
    peacocksky ·


  4. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·


  5. wetterschaf
    wetterschaf ·

    I love the colors.

  6. andrejrusskovskij
    andrejrusskovskij ·

    amazing one! would you mine add it to the tungsten collection?

  7. xabimetal_13
    xabimetal_13 ·


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