tree and building in the back - distance setting on 6m

30 weeks, 30 cams! week 1: ilford sportsman 300

in the next 30 weeks i plan to get some more or less cheap cams from ebay, some others from my photo lab and friends and some from my shelf and we´ll see what they can. i start this week with a 2,49€ ebay-cam: the ilford sportsman 300.

i bought this one just because of the name! if you have something special on your shelf you might give me a hint or sent it over so i can shoot a roll with it. but don´t expect me telling about technical stuff as i don´t know (much) about it. i just shoot.

btw: i´m satisfied with this camera. what i don´t understand is why some pics got a milky overexposed touch - as for my personal eye-lightmeter the exposed time seemed OK - while others got a rose touch and others are straight b/w ones as we know them.

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  1. oliviermenard
    oliviermenard ·

    30 weeks, 30 cameras is a very geood and very "lomographic" idea !!! For the week 1 you did a good job with this very cheap camera. I suppose these rosa and gryeish colours of that BW film come from a C 41 procesing for the final prints ?

  2. skyggerogstillhet
    skyggerogstillhet ·

    Love it! Eerie yet romantic colours, very pretty

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