white horizons - the first (second) roll

When I got my Horizon I wanted to climb up somewhere to shoot the landscape I am living in... but when I woke up last saturday it was all grey outside. Even though I wanted to go outside and so I drove to the Waldstein, a mountain around 20km from my home. In the higher areas there has been much more snow, but unfortunately it got more and more foggy when I came to the top of the Waldstein. I couldnt shoot any views from the top of the mountain but it doesnt matter, because there were so much great stuff on my way to the top!

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  1. saturedcamtar
    saturedcamtar ·

    Great Album!

  2. faaabii
    faaabii ·

    @saturatedcamtar Thanks! :)

  3. hochulia
    hochulia ·

    so beautiful!

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