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  1. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    Lovely place. :)

  2. babak_homayouni
    babak_homayouni ·

    i rather die than love this place. you don't know how much its hard being ambitious and living in a religious restricted country. :/

  3. saidseni
    saidseni ·

    I was actually there and Iran is one of my favorite countries, as weird as it may seem, just because of the inspiring people I meet. I had some bad encounters with very religious people and you are right, I rather die than love Mashad (I meant Iran in the comment, if I had seen it was Mashad I would never write it, believe me!!!). But I think I owe to the amazing Irani people not to mistake them with some intolerant people, specially when many westerns do it. I really have a deep respect for Irani culture and I'm very happy to see there are lomographers over there too! :)

  4. babak_homayouni
    babak_homayouni ·

    i should say despite of religious concept of my city, its so modern. but the whole rules and politics in Iran bother people like me, whom are a little ambitious about freedom and their liberation and rights.
    yes, i know my people are psycho friendly toward tourists , but it doesn't make any change in their behavior to me. i really hate this place but i cant go aboard because i must go to military services first which is a forced fact by government .
    i'm not talking about my self ,everyday i see many talented youngs that cant have suitable equipment and enough environment to express their abilities and talent, and the result is giving up, lots of energy that is turned off under tension.
    recently i feel very sad because of the geographical predestination i had from the birth till now . i hope ultimately i find a way to journey through the world and capture this planet as my own vision.

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  6. babak_homayouni
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