LomoWo 2014 Team Meetup (album 1 of 3)

Perhaps you have already heard of the "LomoWochenende 2014", which will take place in June 2014 in Kassel (Germany). As its name implies, it will be a whole weekend full of meeting other lomographers, workshops, photography, fun and more!
I am part of the team, who is organizing this weekend and so I travelled to Kassel last weekend to meet @frauspatzi, @stellastellar, @thegrump and @trash-gordon-from-outer-space. This was the first time meeting other lomographers! I was kind of upset! :)

All in all it was a a little exhausting but great weekend. We regulated a lot of stuff and had time to learn about Kassel. For sure everybody brought his favorite cameras and so these are not the only photos of the weekend.

If you are interested in the "LomoWochenende 2014" feel free to visit our homepage www.lomowochenende.de (german) or our facebook page www.facebook.com/lomowochenende

More photos by faaabii