Letní filmová škola

So this year we visited Letní filmová škola (or Summer movie university) in Uherské Hradiště, which is annual film festival and it lasts over 9 days. Movie theaters are spread all around the town and you spend all your days moving around the venues and chasing time to see as many movies as possible, or you can just chill out in a park and enjoy one or two films a day, taking it more easily... great experience. ||| Myself being quite passsive in photography lately, I grabbed my Pentacon Six and did some snaps. I'm still trying to figure out how to correctly set Biometar lens, since you can easily overexpose or underexpose your images with it (i totally ruined my rolls from Iceland overexposing all the images - one of the greatest tragedies I experienced since i started shooting film). Its still not completely stable, I stil do mistakes, but its not as horrible as it used to be. Also my Pentacon had problems with spacing, and guys in the service had only one sollution resulting the camera producing only 10 and half images per a roll of 120 film. So i'm kinda bummed by that. Many of Pentacon cameras have similar problems with spacing and theres not enough spare parts on the market to get this fixed. So i ended up with somehow working camera, yet not totally perfect... I will probably look for something else in medium format.

More photos by murdoc_niccals