Photographer and cinematographer originally from Costa Rica. Photographic interests change every so often while I try to shoot what catches my eye without repeating my previous work.
Currently trying to shoot more medium format and super8.

Winner of "Cinematics" category 2018: www.lomography.it/magazine/341072-ten-and-one-annual-lomogr…

Lomo Home of the Day 3/19/20

*Canon EOS Elan 7e
*"La Madrigal" - Homemade sardine tin pinhole camera
*Ansco 1065
*Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash
*Yashica Super 40
*Agfa Ansco Readyset Special
*Canon A-1
*Kowa Six
*Bentley BX-3
* Diana
* Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic R4
* La Sardina Delaunay
* Calumet CC-400

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