Birthday Treats

On the Tuesday (23rd August, 2016) of our vacation it was my Mother-in-law's 21st [60th] birthday. Her wish was for a low-key & relaxed day with a meal in the evening. As a treat we (all six of us / 3x couples) hired Balinese beds for the day. Included with the hire of these beds was a fruit platter, fruity [non-alcoholic?] cocktail and some quite tasty Cava served with caviar. The Balinese beds were loooovely to laze about on & enjoy the sunshine while people brought drinks & treats throughout the day. All-in-all it was a thoroughly enjoyable & relaxing day.... the next day? Not so much! It turns out I can no longer drink like I used to! (this caught up with me very quickly the following morning). I realise this picture is not necessarily the most beautiful or artistic, but it does capture the first person perspective of drowsily staring out to sea & devouring delicious goodies.... Something I'd happily return to as I write this from the air-conditioned chill of my office cubicle.

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