I've been into Lomography in its various forms since around 2000, or maybe 2002 ... let's just say Lomography has been part of my life for a long time.
In the Lomography world, I'm mcgloin; in the Burning Man world, I'm The Hustler. My mother called me Brian. I use the name Cornelius when ordering in cafes (what? You don't use a cafe name? Why not?)

In my house, we have something of a running joke. When I pick up the Lomo LC-A+ to head out, I like to ask my wife, "For whom does Lomography wait?"
She replies with a lack of enthusiasm you can expect from hearing the same bad joke over and over: "No one," generally followed with "can we leave now?"

-*°I'm interested in collaborations, film swaps, and other projects°*-

The Lomographic Society International let me borrow the sweet Leica-mount Minitar 1 lens:…

Grand prize and runner up in the Through Windows and Glasses competition:…

Runner up in the City Never Sleeps competition:…

Runner up in the Minimalism competition:

Runner up in the Granularity competition:…

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