Tomasz Załęski. Born 5.10.1974 in Płock, Poland. He takes pictures using Instax and Polaroid technology. He is involved in staged, creative and artistic photography. He likes the original atmosphere, avant-garde and horror. Creative and unconventional. He realizes his ideas mainly in the open air. Loves alternative fashion and unconventional styling. He prefers ranges such as portrait, fashion and nude.

Laureate of Corel "In a distorted Mirror" Digital Photography(Fotografia cyfrowa) competition 2006, published in the magazines "Mega Zine Lost & Found" 2015/2017, "Foto" 2000, and EYE-Photo Magazine 2018, author's exhibition "Tomasz Załęski Photographs INSTAX" 2018.

He is passionate about music. Enthusiast of the climate: industrial, dark locations and surrealism.



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