Hello from Chicago's Northside!

My film journey started with a Canon T50 back in the early 80s. Although, that 'journey' didn't have a seriousness until after returning to film years into the digital revolution. First, I inherited an AE-1. Then, I found my T50 was still in great shape after a few years of no use. I tried an F1N and T90, but I've found my eyesight isn't what it was, if it ever was. I'm an autofocus kind of guy now, sharing lenses between a DSLR and EOS 1v body, found used on ebay. I didn't get rid of all the FD lenses since I can 'see' where / what I'm focusing in the 10x zoom of a mirrorless EVF.

I thought I was going to be B&W with color reserved to digital. Then, I bought some expired color film on the cheap and have found color has a place in my analog life too. The past few years have included yellow, orange and red filters with the black and white. I don't know yet about the wacky colors and double exposures ... 😃

I've seen more film in the past week than I have in years. Fun to see what my friends have uploaded.

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