Hi - hope you enjoy what you find here, there's a lot of water, sky, boats and trees. Mostly taken on Nikon FM, FE2 or Rollei 35, cameras I couldn't afford when they were new! Also an Olympus Mju II (which I did buy new - in 1998), an old Russian LC-A and some medium format (Agfa Isolette III and a Noon pinhole). I do shoot a bit of digital too but it doesn't make me happy like film does. Everything here is home processed and scanned, I correct lighting and contrast in Silverlight and Lightroom, and I sometimes crop 35mm to square format.

Whose work do I love? Lots of lomographers (obviously) and some predictable 'greats' - Ansel Adams, Cartier-Bresson, and a wild Hebridean landscape photographer called Beka Globe, check her out, her work's amazing (digital, but who's perfect?).

Photo of the day 2 Sep 2019:

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