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  1. maeusedisko
    maeusedisko ·

    wow, this is beautiful. how did you develop the film?

  2. bbijlhout
    bbijlhout ·

    It's a Fuji slide film, developed in normal c-41 :)

  3. maeusedisko
    maeusedisko ·

    Hmmm.. I also shot a Fuji Sensia 100 and told the lab to use c-41, but the photos turned out to be completly pink. :(

  4. bbijlhout
    bbijlhout ·

    did you over- of underexpose it? What camera did you use?

  5. maeusedisko
    maeusedisko ·

    I used a Canon AE-1 and set it to 100 ISO... I didn't over- or underexpose the film, I guess (at least not on purpose, but I'm not too familiar with the camera so far...)

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