Took a stroll and drive through Modesto's vibrant southside with @drewjames. The colors and sheer amount of carnicerias and taquerias and autoshops/dealers can be a little overwhelming, but my!--So much culture and vibrancy. Good times for sure.

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  1. snapshotsfromearth
    snapshotsfromearth ·

    Great capture!

  2. nonspecificscientific
    nonspecificscientific ·

    @snapshotsfromearth Thank you! He was looking at my friend @drewjames when he was taking the picture. Check him out!

  3. drewjames
    drewjames ·

    I really like the colors and exposure here.

  4. nonspecificscientific
    nonspecificscientific ·

    @drewjames I appreciate it man. You really nailed the shot.

  5. drewjames
    drewjames ·

    Thanks brother I’ll have to share it soon.

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